Biography of Father Czesƚaw Wojtyniak

Born November 8, 1889. Graduated from Seminary and was ordained in 1914 in Poznań. From 1914 he was vicar of a parish in Kostshyn; from 1919, military chaplain; for his service in the Polish-Soviet War he was twice awarded military distinctions. From 1920 he was pastor of a military parish and deputy for the dean in Poznań; from 1931 he was chaplain of a brigade of the Border Corps in Novogrudok, dean in Brest, and later, administrator of the military parish in Brest. From 1933 he was chancellor of the curia of the Military Vicariate of the Polish Army with the rank of Chaplain-Colonel. After September 17, 1939 – arrested and sent as a prisoner of war to a camp in Ostashkov. In April or May 1940 he was shot in Tver (exact date of death unknown). In 1941, with the creation of Anders’ Army in the USSR, Bishop Jósef Gawlina, of the Military Vicariate, not of knowing Father Czesƚaw’s tragic death, proposed him for the position of his Vicar General. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski; Madała, pp. 169-170; Rozstrzelani w Twierze, p. 324
Variant Names:
Wojtyniak, Czesƚaw; Voĭtyni︠a︡k, Cheslav
Poznań (Poland); Kostrzyn (Województwo Lubuskie, Poland); Navahrudak (Belarus); Brest (Belarus); Ostashkov (Russia); Tverʹ (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; executed