Biography of Father Kajetan Wojtas

Born October 14, 1903, in Szalowa, outside Gorlice. Entered the Franciscan Order and was ordained in 1930 in Kraków. In 1935 he left the Franciscans but continued his priestly service in the Lviv Diocese; from 1937 he was administrator of the parish in Markov; in 1939 he was transferred to the parish in Gorozhanka. When the war began he was called up for service in the army but was not able to get to his place of assignment, so he returned to the diocese. He served in the parish at Bzhezhany and was there at the time of the Soviet occupation. Arrested February 19, 1940, but he escaped and then became the object of a nationwide search. April 22, 1940 – again arrested; transported to Kiev Prison, then to Kharkiv Prison; June 9, 1941 – sent to Oneglag (Plesetskaya Station, Northern Railroad). September 21, 1941 – amnestied as a Poish citizen and released from camp. From February 5, 1942 – military chaplain of the Polish Army and went the whole way with the army. After the war he worked in England; from 1948 he served at a camp in Storrington, outside Brighton, where he organized a Polish parish and over the course of the next thirty-four years he served as its pastor. Died in Brighton March 13, 1981. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski; Madała, p. 169
Variant Names:
Wojtas, Kajetan; Voytas, Kajetan; Voĭtas, Kaetan
Gorlice (Poland); Kraków (Poland); Lʹvivsʹka oblastʹ (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine); Kharkiv (Ukraine); Pleset︠s︡kiĭ raĭon (Russia); Storrington (England); Brighton and Hove (England)
male; clergy and religious; survived