Biography of Wincenty Wiśniewski

Born in 1904 in Dobromysl, outside Lemberg [Lviv]. Finished university and worked as an assistant at Warsaw University. In September 1939, fleeing the Germans, he crossed the Hungarian border and was interned in a refugee camp. He fled the camp and on January 9, 1940, upon his return to Dobromysl, where Soviet rule had already been established, he was arrested. September 11, 1940 – sentenced under Article 80 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years in corrective labor camps [Directorate, NKVD, Drohobych oblast]. October 23 – sent to Ukhtizhemlag (eastern Komi ASSR). September 9, 1941 – amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from the camp. In December 1941 he went to Buzuluk, Chkalovsk oblast, where Anders’ Army was forming. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Investigatory Matter 26838 fp, Archive TsGAOO (Ukraine)
Variant Names:
Wiśniewski, Wincenty; Vishnevskiĭ, Vinsent Karlovich; Vishnevsky, Vinsent
L'viv (Ukraine); Warsaw (Poland); Komi (Russia); Buzuluk (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown