Biography of Father Michaƚ Wilniewczic

Born in 1912 in Dombrovitsa. Graduated from Pinsk Seminary and was ordained in 1937. He was vicar and religion teacher in Khoiniki outside Gomel and was there at the time of the Soviet occupation. In 1939 Father Michaƚ was arrested and transported to Sevzheldorlag (“Northern Railroad Camp” - Kotlas). In 1942 he was amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from the camp. He became a chaplain in the Sixth Infantry Division and later a chaplain in a military hospital. After the war he returned to Poland. He continued his theological education in Rome, where he received a doctorate in theology in 1957. He was a confessor at the seminary in Drahichyn [Belarus]; granted the title of monsignor [prelate]. Source: List compiled by R. Dzwonkowski; Madała, p. 168
Variant Names:
Wilniewczic, Michaƚ; Vil'nevchic, Mikhail
Dombrovitsa (Lʹvivsʹka oblastʹ, Ukraine); Pinsk (Belarus); Homelʹ (Belarus); Drahichyn (Belarus); Rome (Italy); Poland
male; clergy and religious; survived