Biography of Father Kazimierz Wieliczko

Born March 1, 1859, in Kovno [Kaunas]. Finished gymnasium in Kovno; finished Telshay Seminary and the theology department of Louvain University; ordained in 1887. From 1887 he was vicar of the church in Radyvyliv; from 1894, procurator of Telshay Seminary; from September 1909, steward of Petersburg Seminary and vicar of the pro-cathedral; from August 1910, also served as religion teacher and head of chapel at the Second Kadet Corps in Petrograd; from 1915 served as chaplain at military hospitals for prisoners; from 1918, manager of buildings for the Theological Academy; from September 1919, vicar (and later, pastor) of St. Catherine Church in Petrograd; from 1923 he periodically served at St. Boniface Church and at the parish in Shlisselburg. From 1925 through 1931 he held no post due to ill health and age, but he periodically served at St. Catherine’s. In 1930 he was drawn into a case against the banker Z. P. Zhdanov and charged with “sale of valuable papers abroad, receipt of foreign hard currency, and possession and distribution of counter-revolutionary literature.” March 10, 1931 (at age 72) – summoned to the regional department of the GPU and banished to Siberia for an undefined term. As of March 27, 1931, he was in Irkutsk, where the Lithuanian ambassador rendered him assistance until June 1932. September 26, 1933 – transported back to Butyrka Prison; released to Lithuania as part of a prisoner exchange October 19, 1933. Settled in Strevininkai, Diocese of Kaisiadorys, in a home for retired priests. He had died by 1939 (exact date of death unknown). Sources: Archive of Directorate of FSB for St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast; GARF, f. 8406, op. 2, d. 726; Dzwonkowski, p. 513; Madaƚa, pp. 166-167; Osipova (1996), p. 158; Shkarovskii, pp. 218-219
Variant Names:
Wieliczko, Kazimierz; Velichko, Kazimir Iosifovich
Kaunas (Lithuania); Louvain (Belgium); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Siberia (Russia); Kaišiadorys (Lithuania)
male; clergy and religious; survived