Biography of Klemens Weimer

Lived in the Mechersk region outside Simferopol; belonged to the local church and regularly assisted Bishop Alexander Frison. April 2, 1936 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy and laity (Frison et al.). Charged with “having had close contact with the German pastor Frison over the course of several years.” April 3, 1936 – indicted on charges of “espionage and anti-Soviet propaganda.” April 19, 1936 – released from prison on his own recognizance prior to trial. Convicted (?). Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Sokolovskyi, p. 30
Variant Names:
Weimer, Klemens; Veĭmar, Klimentiĭ Efimovich
Simferopolʹ (Ukraine)
male; laity; fate unknown