Biography of Nicholas Weber

A teacher in a Catholic school. In the absence of a priest, he led prayers in the church and conducted the church choir. Arrested in 1932 and sentenced to a lengthy term in the camps, where he spent seventeen years. As a result of the worsening of his rheumatism he was unable to walk; released from the camp, but exiled [to a special settlement]. After 1953 he was released and went to Karaganda where he was re-united with his family (his wife and eleven children) who had been deported to Kazakhstan. In later years he lived with a daughter in the village of Shakhan. Source: Letter from V.V. Simonov, with notes added by M.K. Sotnikova; December 20, 1999; Ufa
Variant Names:
Weber, Nicholas; Veber, Nikolaĭ
Qaraghandy (Kazakhstan)
male; laity; survived