Biography of Father Michael Walizer

Born in 1890 in Svistunovo, Krivorog district, Yekaterinoslav province. Graduated from Saratov Seminary and was ordained in 1914 for the Diocese of Tiraspol. Served in Marianovka, Vysokopolsk region, Kherson oblast; arrested on July 15, 1934. Charged with “collection and transmittal to Germany, through his contacts, of information of a counter-revolutionary, prevocational nature regarding the famine and neediness of the German population in the Soviet Union; and conducting counter-revolutionary and nationalistic propaganda in his parish among the young people and villagers.” December 28, 1934 – sentenced to five years in corrective labor camps [Special Board, NKVD]. Sent to Ukht-Pechlag, where he was arrested on December 22, 1937. January 11, 1938 – sentenced to death under Article 58-10 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR [Special Troika, Directorate, NKVD, Arkhangelsk oblast]. Shot (exact date of death unknown). Source: Pokajaniye, p. 755; Sokolovskyi, p. 28; Schnurr, p. 370
Variant Names:
Walizer, Michael; Valizer, Mikhail Konstantinovich
Kryvyĭ Rih (Ukraine); Saratov (Russia); Tiraspol (Moldova); Khersonsʹka oblastʹ (Ukraine)
male; clergy and religious; executed