Biography of Father Vincentas Velavichius

Born in Telshiai district [Lithuania] in 1914. Graduated from seminary and was ordained. Prior to his arrest he served in a parish in Kedailiae, Lithuania, and was there at the time of the Soviet and German occupations. He was connected with and actively assisted groups of the underground resistance in their fight against the Germans. After the return of the Red Army and establishment of Soviet rule, he continued to help the underground resistance [against the Soviets]. Arrested in 1946 and sentenced to ten years in corrective labor camps. As of 1948 he was in Vorkutlag where he worked on a crew of electricians. After his release from camp he returned to Lithuania where he actively participated in the movement for the rights of the faithful, especially young people. Source: Pokaianie, p. 394
Variant Names:
Velavichius, Vincentas; Vėlavičius, Vincentas; Velavichius, Vintsentas; Vielavichus, Vintsentas
Telšiai (Lithuania); Kėdainiai (Lithuania)
male; clergy and religious; survived