Biography of Father Emmanuil Vardidze

Born in 1886 in Aral, outside Akhaltsikhe, Tiflis province. One of his two brothers was a Jesuit priest and missionary; one of his two sisters was a nun in a Georgian convent in Stambul. At the age of nine he was sent to school at that convent. There he also completed seminary; he then studied in Rome and was ordained in 1909 He knew European, Caucasian and ancient languages. In 1914 he returned to Georgia; served in Akhaltsikhe and later became vicar of Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin parish in Tbilisi; from 1921 he was pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul parish. When Apostolic Visitator Archbishop Adriaan Smets arrived in Tbilisi, he appointed Father Emmanuil his vicar. March 7, 1927, Father Emmanuil appealed to the Apostolic Nuncio in Warsaw for material assistance, and in this letter he used the title “Vicar General of Georgia, the Apostolic Province of Armenia and Azerbajdzhan.” After his letter had been delivered to the Primate of Poland, its publication and commentary on it in the press marked the beginning of difficult times for Father Emmanuil. In 1928 he was arrested in Tbilisi, but thanks to the intervention of Italian diplomats he was released in 1929. September 7, 1929 – again arrested; sentenced to five years in corrective labor camps. In March 1936 he was at one of the camp sectors of Karlag, outside Karaganda; released in 1940 but sent into internal exile, where he was again arrested and sent to Tayshetlag (north of Irkutsk). After release from camp he returned to Tbilisi and served at Sts. Peter and Paul Church. March 25, 1966 – died in Tbilisi; buried next to the church. Sources: GARF, f. 8406, op. 2, d. 670; Dzwonkowski, pp. 496-497; Osipova (1996), p. 155
Variant Names:
Vardidze, Emmanuil; Vardidze, Emmanuil Pavlovich
Axalcʻixis raioni (Georgia); Rome (Italy); Tʻbilisi (Georgia); Qaraghandy (Kazakhstan)
male; clergy and religious; survived