Biography of Irina Tuchinskaya

Born in 1920 in Petrograd. Finished high school. Lived in Moscow. Began attending St. Louis Church in 1940; became acquainted with Fr. Leopold Braun and secretly converted to Catholicism. In 1943 she enrolled in the History Department at Moscow State University; in December 1945 she became acquainted with Fr. Antoine Laberge and the parish sacristan, Alisa Ott, who involved her in work at the church. In January 1949 she was arrested on charges of “espionage activity on behalf of the Vatican.” September 3, 1949 – sentenced under Article 58-1(a), 58-8, 58-10 (part 1), and 121 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to twenty-five years in corrective labor camps [Special Board, Ministry of State Security]. April 28, 1954 – sentence on all points of Article 58 was overturned for “lack of proof of the accusation” and file closed; as to charges under Article 121, sentence reduced to three years. Released from the camps with removal of previous conviction. Returned to Moscow. Source: Ott
Variant Names:
Tuchinskaya, Irina; Tuchinskai︠a︡, Irina Ivanovna
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Moscow (Russia)
female; laity; survived