Biography of Regina Henrietta Tarasova

Born in 1921. Had a post-secondary education. Lived in Moscow and taught at the Institute of Foreign Languages; she later worked as a secretary-advisor at the Ethiopian and Iranian embassies. She was a member of St. Louis parish. Arrested in 1948 and charged with being acquainted with Fr. Leopold Braun, according the investigation, “an American spy, to whom she communicated information of interest to him, concerning the number of students at the Institute of Foreign Languages, about the students’ progress, and about their post-graduate work assignments. She told him about foreign delegations in the USSR in 1945, the places they visited as tourists and other information.” She was drawn in as a witness in the investigation in the case against parish sacristan, Alisa Ott. June 12, 1948 – sentenced to fifteen years in corrective labor camps [Special Board, Ministry of State Security]. February 6, 1957 – sentence commuted and case closed for “inconclusiveness of the evidence.” Fate thereafter not known with certainty. It is known only that Regina Henrietta Tarasova was alive until the end of the 1980s. She had married and had two sons. Her husband died in 1979. She taught at the Institute of Foreign Languages and was very proficient in French. Source: Ott; information provided by users of website
Variant Names:
Tarasova, Regina Henrietta; Tarasova, Regina-Genrietta L'vovna
Moscow (Russia)
female; laity; survived