Biography of Wiktoria Sawicz

Born into a lower middle class family in St. Petersburg in 1895. Lived in Leningrad; at the beginning of the 1930s she was working as a foreman at a factory and was a member of one of the parishes. In April 1932 – arrested in a case against clergy and laity (Fr. Augustine Proncketis and others). In June 1932 – released for “lack of evidence constituting a crime.” Worked as a senior packager at a factory. September 14, 1937 – arrested for the second time. September 23, 1937 – sentenced to death [Special Troika, Directorate, NKVD, Leningrad oblast]. September 28, 1937 – shot, in Levashovo Field, outside Leningrad. Source: Shkarovskii, p. 281
Variant Names:
Sawicz, Wiktoria; Savich, Viktorii︠a︡ Ivanovna
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
female; laity; executed