Biography of Antonina Rudzka

Born in 1900 in Golovlia, Shepetov district, Annopolsk County. Lived in Zhytomyr; from 1920 – taught in a 7-grade school; from 1921, in a Polish school in Slavutakh. She regularly corresponded with relatives in Poland. In 1925 (?) – dismissed from her teaching position “for religious influence on youth.” January 27, 1929 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy and laity. Sent to Kiev Prison for further investigation. Charged with “counter-revolutionary activity, nurturing young people in an anti-Soviet nationalist-patriotic spirit.” February 12, 1930 – stated at her interrogation that the “revolutionary wave did not change my religious feelings; I did not educate children in a religious spirit, but I sometimes did express myself in defense of the Catholic religion.” June 27-30, 1930 – at a closed judicial proceeding she was sentenced under Articles 54-3, 54-4, 54-10 and 54-11 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to three years’ corrective labor with loss of civil rights for three years under Article 29(a), (b) and (v) and prohibited from residing on the territory of Right-Bank Ukraine for five years in accordance with Article 34 [Extraordinary Session, Supreme Ct., UkrSSR]. Fate thereafter unknown. February 25, 1930 – stated at her interrogation: “I am religious and I am a Polish patriot and therefore I was not in agreement with the national policy of Soviet power of not giving Polish youth the chance to continue their schooling, with the exception of the pedagogical technical schools. Poles ought to be raised in a Polish national patriotic spirit and to believe in their Catholic church.” Source: Investigatory Matter 68067 fp, TsGAOO (Ukraine)
Variant Names:
Rudzka, Antonina; Rudzkai︠a︡, Antonina Feliksovna
Shepetivka (Ukraine); Z︠H︡ytomyrsʹka oblastʹ (Ukraine); Slavuta (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine)
female; laity; fate unknown