Biography of Servant of God, Father Augustine Proncketis

Born into a Lithuanian peasant family August 30, 1886, in Zhiliany, Radzivilishsk county, Shavelsk district, Kovno province. Finished the gymnasium at St. Catherine’s parish in St. Petersburg and graduated from St. Petersburg Theological Seminary; ordained March 3, 1910. From April through July 1910 he was vicar of a parish in Poltava, and then from July 1910, a parish in Preil; from August 1911, in Kraslav; from September 1913, in Dvinsk. From 1914 he was pastor of a parish in Rundany outside Liutsyn; from November 1916, vicar of the pro-cathedral church in Petrograd. December 5, 1922 – arrested for “opposition to closure of the church,” but soon released. March 10, 1923 – arrested in a case against Catholic clergy (Cieplak et al.). March 21-26 – open trial at which Father Augustine was sentenced to three years in prison [Military Tribunal]. He served his term in Sokolnicheskaya Prison [in Moscow; Lubyanka?]. January 1925 – released; returned to Leningrad. From 1925 he was again vicar – and then from 1928 until its closing – pastor of the pro-cathedral. In 1926 and 1927 he taught Lithuanian at the underground theological seminary. From January 1930 he served at St. Nicholas Church in Luga and in other parishes in the Leningrad oblast. In the summer of 1930 Bishop Malecki appointed him Vicar General. From June 1930 – pastor of St. Catherine Church. April 14, 1932 – arrested in Leningrad, charged with “contact with representatives of France and the Vatican, receiving counter-revolutionary literature from them, providing them with espionage information, and carrying out anti-Soviet agitation.” June 19, 1932 – sentenced to death; commuted to ten years in prison camp [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp. May 19, 1933 – transported from the camp to Butyrka Prison in Moscow; released September 26 and sent to Latvia in a prisoner exchange. From 1938 to 1939 he was rector of the chapel in Shaltinian. Died in 1970 in Sheduva, Panevezh Diocese (exact date of death unknown). Sources: Archive of the Directorate, FSB, St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast; Dzwonkowski (1998), pp. 396-397; Osipova (1996), p. 192; Shkarovskii, pp. 234-235
Variant Names:
Proncketis, Augustine; Prontsketis, Avgustin Petrovich
Kaunas (Lithuania); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Latvia; Šeduva (Lithuania)
male; clergy and religious; survived