Biography of Stanisƚawa Pankiewicz

Lived in Makeyevka, Donets region, and was housekeeper for Fr. Eugene Neveu, and then after his departure for Moscow, for Fr. David Mayan. March 26, 1928 – arrested in Makeyevka and sent to Kharkiv Prison. January 3, 1929 – sentenced to ten years’ corrective labor [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp. Transferred to Anzer Island, where on July 5, 1932, she was arrested in a case against Catholic clergy. July 9, 1932 – the investigation petitioned that her case be sent to the Secret Department, OGPU, Leningrad Military District. July 22, 1932 – transferred to Leningrad Prison. May 27, 1933 – sentenced to one year penalty isolation [Special Troika, OGPU Collegium]. Sent to Svirlag (Lodeinoye Field Station, Kirov Railroad). Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: GARF, f. 8406, op. 2, d. 3722; Wenger, p. 378; Investigatory Matter 590614, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation; Shkarovskii, p. 276
Variant Names:
Pankiewicz, Stanisƚawa; Pankevich, Stanislava Stanislavovna
Makiïvka (Ukraine); Moscow (Russia); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
female; laity; fate unknown