Biography of Veronika Oskretkova

Born in 1868 in the village of Kavlychi, Sekstalsk county, Rezhets district, Vitebsk province. Lived in Leningrad and worked as a cleaning lady at St. Catherine Church. April 12, 1920 – arrested and on April 13, sentenced to three months’ social-forced labor. January 13, 1927 – drawn into the investigation in a case against Russian Catholics, but released March 14; May 13 her file was closed for lack of facts constituting a crime. December 8, 1929 – arrested in the case against Bishop Teofil Matulianis and others. September 8, 1930 – sentenced to five years’ corrective labor, then changed to five years’ exile to Siberia [Special Board, OGPU Collegium]. After her release from exile she returned to Leningrad. In February 1942 she became acquainted with Fr. Paweƚ Chomicz and began to participate in the secret Masses that he celebrated in parishioners’ apartments, and gave him groceries. July 17, 1942 – arrested in the case against Fr. Chomicz and others. Charged with “organizing an under-ground church where secret Masses were said and anti-Soviet defeatist agitation was conducted.” September 1, 1942 – acquitted by the court [Military Tribunal, NKVD, Leningrad oblast]. Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: Investigatory Matter P-83605, Archive of the Directorate of the FSB, Russian Federation, for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region; Shkarovskii, pp. 275-276
Variant Names:
Oskretkova, Veronika; Oskretkova, Veronika I︠A︡kovlevna
Vitsebsk (Belarus); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
female; laity; fate unknown