Biography of Elena Orlo

Born into a peasant family in the village of Vidzi, Novo-Aleksandrov district, Kovno province, in 1881. Completed high school. Joined the Third Order Franciscans in 1920. Lived in Leningrad, worked as a hospital nurse and was a parishioner of Notre Dame parish. In September 1941 she made her apartment available to Fr. Paweƚ Chomicz, who was illegally living in Leningrad, and participated in secret Masses celebrated by Fr. Paweƚ in parishioners’ apartments. July 17, 1942 – arrested in the case against Fr. Chomicz and others. Accused of “organizing an underground church where secret Masses were said and anti-Soviet defeatist agitation was conducted.” September 1, 1942 – acquitted by the court and released from prison [Military Tribunal, NKVD, Leningrad oblast]. Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: Investigatory Matter P-83605, Archive of the Directorate of the FSB, Russian Federation, for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region; Shkarovskii, p. 275
Variant Names:
Orlo, Elena; Orlo, Elena Bronislavovna
Kaunas (Lithuania); Saint Petersburg (Russia)
female; clergy and religious; fate unknown