Biography of Maria Mackiewicz-Guszczo

Born in 1914. Attended the Polish school at St. Stanislaus parish. From January 1936 she worked as a bookkeeper at a factory in Leningrad and belonged to St. Stanislaus parish. April 20, 1937 – arrested in Leningrad and charged with “counter-revolutionary contact with the Polish consulate.” In 1937 – sentenced to five (?) years in the camps [Special Collegium, Leningrad Dist. Ct.]. Sent to Sevvostoklag (Kolyma). As of April 1940 she was working in the Far East Construction Trust. Released in 1947. Returned to Leningrad where she died in the 1980s. Source: Shkarovskii, pp. 271-272
Variant Names:
Mackiewicz-Guszczo, Maria; Matskevich-Gushcho, Mariia Stanislavovna
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Kolyma River Valley (Russia)
female; laity; survived