Biography of Lyudmila Lyakhovich

Born in 1922 in Tsaritsyn. Lived in Moscow and was a student at the Institute of Foreign Languages and a parishioner at St. Louis des Français Church. In 1948 – arrested in Moscow. Charged with having, “over the course of several years, maintained criminal contact with the American spies [Fr. Leopold] Braun and [Fr. Antoine] Laberge; she had visited their apartments and given them slanderous and espionage information about the Soviet Union.” She was brought in as a witness in the case against Alisa Ott. June 5, 1948 – sentenced to ten years in corrective labor camp [Special Board, Ministry of State Security]. February 22, 1957 – sentence rescinded and case closed for “lack of proof of the charges.” Source: Ott
Variant Names:
Lyakhovich, Lyudmila; Liakovich, Liudmila Stefanovna
Volgograd (Russia); Moscow (Russia)
female; laity; fate unknown