Biography of Janina Leśniewska

Born between 1922 and 1924. Lived in Moscow and belonged to St. Louis parish; she assisted the pastor, Fr. Leopold Braun, and his successor, Fr. Antoine Laberge, as well as the parish sacristan, Alisa Ott. In September 1949 – arrested on charges of “espionage activity on behalf of the Vatican.” In November 1949 – sentenced to ten years in corrective labor camps. Sent to Siblag [?]; granted an early release in 1957. Returned to Moscow, where she died of cancer in 1959 (exact date of death unknown). Source: Memoirs of M.S. Sharova; Ott et al.
Variant Names:
Lesnevskaia, Ianina; Leśniewska, Janina
Moscow (Russia); Siblag
female; laity; survived