Biography of Berta Lesheminant-Blanch

A French citizen, born in Paris in 1881. Completed higher education. In 1914 she arrived in Russia where she taught French. From 1918 to 1921 she was a nurse in the Red Army. After 1921 she taught French in schools, and after 1928 she gave private French lessons. Between 1929 and 1938 she went to Paris three times to visit her relatives. In 1942 she was arrested in Moscow and charged with “anti-Soviet statements and also that she had suspicious contacts with associates at the French embassy, that she had slandered the leaders of the VKP [All-Union Communist Party].” August 1, 1942 – sentenced to five years’ exile in Kazakhstan [Special Board, NKVD Collegium]; granted an early release for medical reasons and returned to Moscow. In 1948, at age 67, she was brought in as a witness in the case against Alisa Ott. She stated at her interrogation that she knew nothing about Alisa Ott’s anti-Soviet activity; that she knew her as “an active and zealous Catholic, actively working in the French church.” Later, in order not to be sent once again to the camps, she was forced to sign serious accusations against Alisa Ott. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Ott
Variant Names:
Lesheminant-Blansh, Berta Karlovna; Lesheminant-Blanch, Berta
Paris (France); Moscow (Russia); Kazakhstan
female; laity; fate unknown