Biography of Eugenia Lasznjukowa

Born in 1891 in Mogilev. Completed high school. Lived in Kiev, where she entered the convent at [the Orthodox] Holy Trinity Monastery and together with Lyudmila Verevskaya looked after Fr. Arseny. In 1930, on the second day of Easter, she and Lyudmila Verevskaya were both received into the Catholic Church by Fr. Bolesƚaw Blechman at the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. She was deeply religious and very involved in the education of children: she gathered them in her own apartment and taught them drawing and embroidery, acquainted them with religious books and told them about the saints. In 1929 she was arrested, but nine months later released from prison. She continued her energetic activity, enjoying great authority among the faithful. Sisters Vera and Maria often visited her, helping their spiritual mother materially and caring for her in time of illness. July 9, 1938 – arrested. October 29, 1938 – sentenced to five years in corrective labor camps [Special Board, NKVD Collegium]. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Sokolovskyi, p. 113
Variant Names:
Laszniukova, Evgeniia Lovginovna; Lasznjukowa, Eugenia
Mohyliv-Podilʹsʹkyĭ (Ukraine); Kiev (Ukraine)
female; laity; fate unknown