Biography of Father Dmitry Kuzmin-Karavayev

Born May 17, 1885, in St. Petersburg. Graduated from the gymnasium and then from the Law Department of St. Petersburg University, where he joined the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party (RSDRP) and gradually moved away from religion. In 1907 he was arrested for conspiratorial activity and imprisoned in Kresty Prison in St. Petersburg, but soon released. He was gradually disenchanted with Marxism and left the RSDRP. Lived in Moscow, worked in the Land Use Department; in 1914 he took part in social and medical work at the Front. After the Revolution of February 1917 he became governor in Minsk. In May 1920 he became a Catholic in the church of Russian Catholics in Moscow, Nativity of the Mother of God, in the Abrikosovs’ apartment, and became a member of that parish. In the early 1920s he took part in and gave lectures at ecumenical meetings of Moscow intelligentsia and clergy in the Abrikosovs’ home. August 17, 1922 – arrested and sentenced to death; sentence commuted to permanent expulsion from the country. In 1927 he graduated from the Greek College of St. Athanasius in Rome with a doctorate in theology. July 3, 1927 – ordained; appointed pastor of the Russian Catholic parish in Berlin. In October 1931 he was transferred to Louvain, Belgium, where he became pastor of a church attached to the dormitory for Russian students at the University of Louvain; from September 1934 he was pastor of a house church attached to a Russian boarding school, St. George, in Namur, Belgium. In February 1941, after the war had begun, he moved to Paris with the boarding school; in Paris he also visited the prisons, ministering to Orthodox convicts. September 15, 1952 – elevated to rank of protoirei. October 1956 – left the boarding school and went to the Collegium Russicum where he taught seminarians Russian and lectured in literature and Russian history. Died in Rome, March 16, 1959. Sources: Archive of Meudon Center for Russian Research; Dzwonkowski, pp. 307-308; von Burman, pp. 541-545
Variant Names:
Kuz'min-Karavaev, Dmitrii; Kuzmin-Karavayev, Dmitry
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Rome (Italy); Berlin (Germany); Louvain (Belgium); Paris (France)
male; clergy and religious; survived