Biography of Vera Kruszelnicka

Born into a family of the nobility in Kiev in 1915. She was the niece of Camilla Kruczelnicka. She enrolled in technical school but twice was dropped for poor progress. In 1933 she became acquainted with Voroshilov’s son; she saw him at his apartment and his dacha. This acquaintance became the reason she was brought into the investigation in the second case against Anna Abrikosova. She was accused of “giving the floor plans of the rooms in Voroshilov’s apartment to members of a counter-revolutionary monarchist organization who were preparing to kill Voroshilov.” February 19, 1934, at age 19 – sentenced under Articles 58-8, 58-10 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to five years in corrective labor camps [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to Bamlag; transferred in February 1935 to Ukht-Pechlag. December 19, 1937 – arrested for “anti-Soviet agitation and terrorist statements.” January 4, 1938 – sentenced to death. March 4, 1938, age 23 – shot. Sources: Archive of the Directorate of FSB, Komi Republic; Osipova (1999), p. 332; Abrikosova et al. (1934)
Variant Names:
Krushelʹnit︠s︡kai︠a︡, Vera Emmanuilovna; Kruszelnicka, Vera
Kiev (Ukraine )
female; laity; executed