Biography of Maria Kozlowska

Born August 15, 1904, in the village of Motilovka, Zvenigorodsk district, Kiev province. Completed the rabfak [rabochii fakultet – workers’ department]. Until 1920 she served in the Women’s Battalion of the Polish Army. July 18, 1921 – arrested for illegally crossing the Polish-USSR border. March 20, 1921 – released from prison and the matter was subsequently closed [Special Department, Kiev Military District]. She lived in Skvir, belonged to the local parish, sang in the choir, and often accompanied Fr. Franciszek Bujalski in his travels through the villages of Bespechnoye, Shamraevka, and sometime Topory. In 1927 she was under investigation in the case against Fr. Bujalski, but not convicted. Upon her release from prison she had to sign a statement as to her “voluntary cooperation,” concerning which she immediately notified Fr. Jósef Koziński. March 12, 1930 – again arrested and accused of “anti-Soviet agitation,” but soon released. In 1933 she was arrested on charges that she “had not submitted the expected information,” but obviously she was able to explain the reason for this failure because she was released. August 5, 1937 – arrested in connection with the case against Fr. Kazimierz Kozlowski, S.J. and others. September 17, 1937 – sentenced to death. September 27, 1937 – shot, in Bila Tserkva Prison. Source: Sokolovskyi, pp. 97-98
Variant Names:
Kozlovskai︠a︡, Marii︠a︡ Stanislavovna; Kozlovskaya, Maria Stanislavovna; Kozlowska, Maria
Kiev (Ukraine); Skvyra (Ukraine)
female; laity; executed