Biography of Father Józef Koziński

Born July 4, 1889, in Ozerno, Pohrebysche [Pogrebishchensk] district, Vinnytsia province. Began his studies at St. Petersburg seminary, finished at Zhytomyr seminary and was ordained in 1916. From 1918 he was vicar of the parish in Kremenets; from 1919 he taught religion in Zhytomyr schools; from 1920 he was administrator of the parish in Topory, outside Zhytomyr; in 1925 he became dean of Skvir and also served in the parish in Ruzhin. From 1932 he served at the parish in Fastiv, outside Kiev; in 1933 he was pastor of the parish in Topory, Ruzhin region, Zhytomyr oblast; he also served another ten parishes. August 19, 1935 – arrested along with seven other priests and a group of laity in the case against a “Fascist counter-revolutionary organization of Roman Catholic and Uniate clergy of right-bank Ukraine.” Charged with “carrying out counter-revolutionary work, especially among the youth; preaching anti-Soviet homilies; discussion of fascist plans to break Ukraine off from the USSR; and possession of nationalistic literature.” May 14, 1936 – sentenced under Articles 54-4 and 54-11 of the Criminal Code of the Ukrainian SSR to five years in corrective labor camp [Special Board, NKVD, USSR]. Sent to Ukht-pechlag, from whence the Polish Red Cross received a letter from him on July 12, 1936, asking for help. August 19, 1940 – released from Ukht-pechlag; returned to Topory, where the authorities would not grant him permission for pastoral work. Went to work on a collective farm; in 1941 he left for Berdychiv, Zhytomyr oblast. During the German occupation he was taken to a concentration camp in western Ukraine; liberated by the Red Army. He ministered in Berdychiv and also served the parishes in Topory and Ruzhin. After the closing of the church in Berdychiv he became pastor of the parish in Khalamigorodok outside Berdychiv. In 1953, with the help of parishioners, he acquired a house in Berdychiv and, having received permission from the authorities, he made a chapel in it and said Mass there. For twenty years he also looked after the parish in Novyi Zavod outside Zhytomyr; he died January 20, 1967, in Berdychiv, where he was buried. Sources: Dzwonkowski, pp. 300-301; Osipova (1996), p 175; Sokolovskyi, p. 97; Madała, p. 86; Parafiial'na gazeta, 1995, no. 46, p. 4
Variant Names:
Kozinskiĭ, Iosif Kliment'evich; Koziński, Józef
Vinnyt︠s︡i︠a︡ (Ukraine); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Z︠H︡ytomyr (Ukraine)
male; clergy and religious; survived