Biography of Monsignor Mieczysƚaw [Mikhail] Joudakas

Born August 12, 1891. Graduated from St. Petersburg Seminary and was ordained in 1914. Served as vicar of Visitation of the Virgin Mary parish at Vyborg Cemetery in Petrograd; also taught religion at a military school; from 1915 he was a vicar in Mogiliev; from 1916, assistant to the military chaplain Father Andrzej Bajewicz in Moscow; from 1918, a vicar at Saints Peter and Paul parish in Moscow; from 1924, administrator of the parish in Simbirsk [nka Ulyanovsk] and Ufa, Samara deanery. September 1, 1926 – appointed Apostolic Administrator for Catholics of Kazan, Samara and Simbirsk by Bishop Michel d’Herbigny, a secret envoy sent to Russia by Pope Pius XI. December 1926 – arrested but soon released. April 1929 – again arrested and this time banished to the Northern Territory for three years, but released in December. Resided in Ufa where he was pastor of the local church. November 22, 1933 – again arrested, sentenced to ten years in corrective labor camp; April 7, 1934 – sent to Ukht-pechlag (Chibiu, Komi ASSR). After his release from camp he served in Shilial, Telshai Diocese. Fate thereafter unknown. Source: Archive of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Komi Republic; GARF, f. 8406, op. 2, d. 2035; f. 8409, op. 1, d. 1146, l. 88-89; Dzwonkowski, p. 270; Madała, p. 71; Osipova (1996), p. 171
Variant Names:
Joudakas, Mieczysƚaw [Mikhail]; Iodokas, Mechislav (Mikhail) Antonevich; Joudokas, (Mikhail)) Mieczysƚaw
Saint Petersburg (Russia); Mohyliv-Podilʹsʹkyĭ (Ukraine); Moscow (Russia); Ukhta (Komi, Russia)
male; clergy and religious; fate unknown