Biography of Viktor Gotovtsev

Born into the family of a bureaucrat in 1877. Did not complete post-secondary studies. Converted to Catholicism; lived in Moscow and attended Mass in the house church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in the Abrikosovs’ quarters. November 12, 1923 – arrested in the case against Russian Catholics and sent to Butyrka Prison. May 19, 1924 – sentenced under Articles 61 and 66 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to eight years in prison [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to the solitary confinement block at Chelyabinsk Prison; 1929 – exiled to Narym, Tomsk region. He remained in Narym after his release from exile in 1932. Moved to Chegerak, Krasnoyarsk region, in 1936. Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: GARF, f. 8409, op. 2, d. 37, l. 109; d. 67, l. 267-272; d. 75, l. 96,, 99; d. 78, l. 191-192; d. 306, l. 56; d. 344, l. 195, 207; d. 835, l. 184-186; d. 1484, l. 93-94; Abrikosova et al. (1924); Sokolovskyi, p. 50
Variant Names:
Gotovtsev, Viktor; Gotovtsev, Viktor Vasil'evich
Moscow (Russia); Cheli︠a︡binsk (Russia); Narym (Russia); Krasnoi︠a︡rsk (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown