Biography of Joseph Frank

Born in 1899 in Rohleder, Mariental district, where he lived, worked on his own farm and belonged to Mother of God parish. He was the head of the Agricultural Credit Association – in 1929 he was de-kulakized and deported, but he soon returned to Rohleder. In 1930, during the mass arrests, he managed to go into hiding but he was drawn, in absentia, into the investigation in the case against German Catholic clergy and laity as a “participant in a counter-revolutionary group of church members in Rohleder, Mariental canton”; became the subject of a nationwide search. Arrested in Odessa in 1937 – sentenced to death and shot (dates of sentencing and death unknown). Sources: Odesskii martirolog, p. 551; Investigatory Matter 95215, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation
Variant Names:
Frank, Joseph; Frank, Iosif Karlovich
Rohleder (Russia); Odesa (Ukraine)
male; laity; executed