Biography of Boris Fedorov

Born into a peasant family in Tver province in 1895. Lived in Moscow as a student. Converted to Catholicism and joined the Abrikosov community of Russian [Eastern Rite] Catholics. March 8, 1924 – arrested in the case against Russian Catholics and imprisoned in Butyrka. May 19, 1924 – sentenced under Article 61 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to three years’ exile [OGPU Collegium]. Sent to the village of Kargasok, Narym region; released in 1927 but restricted from living in the twelve major cities and the borderland regions. Settled in Voronezh. In 1929 he returned to Moscow and joined the Soloviev community of Russian Catholics and attended the clandestine liturgies that Father Sergey said in parishioners’ apartments. February 1931 – drawn into the investigation in the case against Father Soloviev and others. Convicted (?). Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: GARF, f. 8409, op. 1, d. 75, l 75, 221-222; d. 76, l. 44; d. 243, l. 64-65; d. 355, l. 48; Abrikosova et al. (1924); Soloviev et al.; Sokolovskyi, p. 211
Variant Names:
Fedorov, Boris; Fedorov, Boris Ivanovich
Tverʹ (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Narym (Russia); Voronezh (Russia)
male; laity; fate unknown