Biography of Valentina Dyakovskaya

Born into a family of the nobility in August 1886 in St. Petersburg. Graduated from an institute. From 1908 she was living in St. Petersburg and working in a bank. She belonged to the Russian [Eastern Rite] Catholic parish of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. From 1919 she taught in an illegal school that had been organized by a secret Sister of the Holy Family, Lucia Chekhovskaya. November 17, 1923 – arrested in Petrograd in connection with a case against Russian Catholics. November 22, 1923 – released prior to trial without any statement of the charges. Fate thereafter unknown. Sources: Abrikosova et al. (1924); Sokolovskyi, p. 64; Shkarovskii, p. 261
Variant Names:
Dyakovskaya, Valentina; D'iakovskaia, Valentina Oskarovna
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
female; laity; fate unknown