Biography of Father Adam Desch

Born in 1881 in the Volga German colony of Pfeifer, Saratov province. Graduated from Saratov Seminary and was ordained for the Diocese of Tiraspol on April 28, 1904. From 1904 he served as vicar of the parish in Yekaterinoslav; from 1911, as pastor of the parish in Christina; from 1914, in Astrakhan; from 1921, in Slavgorod, Saratov oblast. In 1931 he was arrested in the case against German Catholic clergy. Banished to Siberia for three years under Articles 58-10 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. As of January 1932 he was in western Siberia; released in 1933. Took up residence in Astrakhan where he was again arrested in 1934, but released after four months because of his health. October 7, 1937 – died of stomach cancer in Astrakhan. Sources: Archive of the Directorate, FSB, Astrakhan oblast; Dzwonkowski, pp. 209-210; Osipova (1996), pp. 164-165; Investigatory Matter 95215, Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation; Schnurr, p. 362
Variant Names:
Desch, Adam; Desh, Adam
Saratov (Russia); Tiraspol (Moldova); Katerynivka (Veselynivsʹkyĭ raĭon, Ukraine); Astrakhanʹ (Russia); Siberia (Russia)
male; clergy and religious; survived