Biography of Emelia Czerwińska

Born into the family of a craftsman in Yalta in 1892. Had a high school education; not married. From 1912 to 1923 she worked as a cashier in various establishments and as a court clerk in Vladikavkaz (Ordzhanikidze). She was a housekeeper for her brother, Fr. Antoni Czerwiński. December 2, 1936 – arrested together with her brother; charged with being in a counter-revolutionary, fascist, nationalistic group – she “not only supported Czerwiński’s anti-Soviet speeches, but she herself also spoke out with slander against the politics and measures of the Soviet government.” November 1-2, 1937 – sentenced to eight years in corrective labor. Sent to a camp in Komi ASSR. After her release from camp she lived in Samgorodok, outside Ukhta, where she worked in a pharmacy. She cared for the family of the exiled organist, Walerian Obuchowicz. In 1958 she moved to Ukraine and settled in Zhytomyr. She was an active parishioner and assisted the priests. She died December 29, 1971. Source: Archive of the Directorate of the FSB, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania; Information from Ekaterina Obukhovich
Variant Names:
Czerwińska, Emelia; Chervinskaia, Emiliia Karlovna
I︠A︡lta (Ukraine); Vladikavkaz (Russia); Komi (Russia); Ukhta (Komi, Russia); Z︠H︡ytomyrsʹka oblastʹ (Ukraine)
female; laity; survived