Biography of Viktoria Burvasser

Born in 1904 in Kiev. Graduate of the Law Department, Moscow State University. Worked in an office. In March 1930 she converted from Judaism to Catholicism; joined the Soloviev community of Russian [Eastern Rite] Catholics and kept Father Soloviev’s manuscripts. February 15, 1931 – arrested in Moscow in a case against Russian Catholics (Soloviev et al.). April 29, 1931 – died in Butyrka Prison Hospital while under investigation. May 20, 1931 – file closed. Sources: Osipova (1996), p. 155; Osipova (1999), p. 326; S.M. Soloviev et al., Central Archive, FSB, Russian Federation; Sokolovskyi, p. 24; Parafiial'na gazeta, 1995, No. 60, p. 8
Variant Names:
Burvasser, Viktoria L'vovna; Burvasser, Viktoria
Moscow (Russia)
female; laity; died in prison