Biography of Father Michaƚ Buklerewicz

Born October 12, 1884, in Lingi, Oshmiany district, Vilnius province. Went to the city two-grade school attached to Vilnius Teachers Institute, which he finished in June 1901. He passed the exam for pharmacy apprentice at First Vilnius Boys’ Gymnasium. From 1904 he studied at Vilnius Catholic Theological Seminary; ordained in 1908 for the Diocese of Vilnius. From 1908 he was administrator of the parish in Narovka, Sakolsk. From 1917, administrator of Corpus Christi parish in Ikazn [Belarus]. Engaged in Belorussian educational and cultural activity, founded Belorussian schools. Took part in a congress of Dzisna deanery Catholic clergy, August 6-7, 1918. During military activity in 1919 he spoke out against Bolshevik authorities. June 27, 1919 – sentenced to death for his anti-Bolshevik activity. Shot in Bigosovo together with his sister. March 24, 1920 – solemnly reburied in Ikazn [Braslaw region]. Source: Dzwonkowski (1998), pp. 185-186
Variant Names:
Buklerewicz, Michaƚ; Buklerevich, Michaƚ
Vilnius (Lithuania); Ikazn' (Belarus)
male; clergy and religious; executed