Biography of Zinaida Berg (Sister Barbara)

Born in 1875 in the village of Putilovskoye, Cherepovetsk district, Novgorod province, into a family with a lumber business. In 1894 she completed high school in Cherepovets. In 1917 she converted to Catholicism and entered a religious community, taking the name Barbara. She lived in Moscow and joined the Soloviev community of Russian [Eastern Rite] Catholics. She was actively engaged in assisting imprisoned and exiled priests and laity. She was arrested February 15, 1931, in connection with the case against Fr. Sergey Soloviev and others. August 18, 1931, at age 56, she was sentenced under Articles 58-6, 58-10 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, to three years’ exile in Siberia [Special Board, OGPU Collegium]. After her release from exile she settled in Tambov. According to some information, she died during the war (exact date and place of death unknown). Source: Soloviev et al.
Variant Names:
Berg, Zinaida (Sister Barbara}; Berg, Zinaida; Berg, Zinaida (Zinoviia) Aleksandrovna Varvara; Sister Barbara
Novgorod (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Siberia (Russia)
female; clergy and religious; fate unknown