Biography of Veronika Astupinas

Born into the family of an Orthodox priest in 1880. She converted to Catholicism. Lived in Kharkiv, belonged to the local parish, organized a committee to assist convicted priests; she often visited Second Soviet Hospital in Kharkiv, where she found Catholics and gave them material assistance in the name of the Church. Arrested in 1924. December 19, 1924 – sentenced to administrative exile [Special Board, Collegium of the GPU, UkrSSR]. She was banished to Starobelsk in the Donetsk region, whence she was released February 18, 1927, with permission to live anywhere in Ukraine. In 1937 she was arrested in connection with the case against Wincenty Solarz and others. On September 24, 1937, at age 57, she was sentenced to death [NKVD Collegium and USSR Office of Public Prosecutor]. Shot. (Exact date of death unknown). Source: Sokolovskyi, p. 5; Parafiial'na gazeta, 1995, No. 45, p. 8.
Variant Names:
Astupinas, Veronika Martynovna; Astupinas, Veronika
Kharkiv (Ukraine)
female; laity; executed