Biography of Father Jerzy Antecki

Born October 9, 1898. Finished high school in Rostov-on-Don; in 1917 he enrolled in St. Petersburg Theological Seminary but the seminary was closed in May 1918. In 1919 he left for Poland where he completed Łuck Theological Seminary and was ordained in 1922. He served as a vicar in Kowel and later became a religion teacher in Równe. In 1925 he continued his studies at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he completed a doctorate in moral theology. From 1930 he served in parishes in the Vilnius Diocese; he was there during the Soviet and German occupations. On April 9, 1948, after the return of the Red Army and the establishment of Soviet rule, Father Jerzy was arrested, sentenced to ten years in corrective labor camps and permanent exile to Siberia. From 1948 he was in Kraslag, where he worked on auxiliary agricultural works in the sector outside Suslov, Krasnoyarsk region. In 1951 he was transferred to Ozerlag (Tayshet, outside Bratsk); released November 5, 1955. November 17, 1955 – returned to Vilnius but the authorities would not give him a residency permit for the city. He settled in Novaya Vileika; July 18, 1956, departed for Warsaw. He left unpublished memoirs. He later lived in Otwock, where he died sometime after 1984 (exact date of death unknown). Source: Madaƚa, p. 19; list compiled by Dzwonkowski.
Variant Names:
Antet︠s︡kiĭ, Ezhi; Antecki, Jerzy
Rostov-na-Donu (Russia); Saint Petersburg (Russia); Kovelʹ (Ukraine); Siberia (Russia); Vilnius (Lithuania); Warsaw (Poland)
male; clergy and religious; survived